Engine Parts:

DescriptionPart #StatusPriceDescriptionPart #StatusPrice
Piston 125 TNT, Std size (15mm piston pin)out of stock$113.00
Piston 125 TNT, 1st oversize (15mm piston pin)out of stock$113.00
Piston 125 TNT, 2nd oversize (15mm piston pin)out of stock$113.00
Piston 125 TNT, 3rd oversize (15mm piston pin)out of stock$113.00Piston Sonic 560 (Std. size)4327PSin stock$50.00
Piston pin 125 (15mm)in stockClutch plates (Barnett) 125-25010001in stock$16.49
Piston Circlips (15mm)in stockClutch plates (Barnett) 370-40010002in stock$17.33
Piston 175 TNT Std size (15mm piston pin)in stock$113.00
Piston 175 TNT 1st oversize (15mm piston pin)out of stock
Piston 175 TNT 2nd oversize (15mm piston pin)out of stock
Piston 175 TNT 3rd oversize (15mm piston pin)out of stock
Piston pin 175 (15mm)
Piston 125 TNT Std size (18mm piston pin)291520
Piston 125 TNT 1st oversize291521
Piston 125 TNT 2nd oversize291522
Piston 125 TNT 3rd oversize291523
Piston 175 TNT Std size291530
Piston 175 TNT 1st oversize291531
Piston 175 TNT 2nd oversize291532
Piston 175 TNT 3rd oversize291533
Piston needle bearing (15mm)
Piston needle bearing (18mm), (125/175/200/250/350/370/400)932904
Piston pin 125 (18mm)916310
Piston pin 175 (18mm)916220
Piston circlip (18mm),(125/175/200/250/350/370/400)945735
Cylinder head shim 125230360
Cylinder head shim 175230365
Piston 250 TNT/MX1/79 Qualifier (74.00mm)291505
Piston 250 TNT/MX1/79 Qualifier (74.25mm)291506
Piston 250 TNT/MX1/79 Qualifier (74.50mm)291507
Piston 250 TNT/MX1/79 Qualifier (74.75mm)291508
Piston pin (250/370/400 pistons)916185
Cylinder head shim230560
Piston 125 MX Std size (single ring)292245
Piston 125 MX 1st oversize (single ring)292246
Piston 125 MX 2nd oversize (single ring)292247
Piston 125 MX 3rd oversize (single ring)292248
Piston 250 MX Std size (single ring)292330
Piston 250 MX 1st oversize (single ring)292331
Piston 250 MX 2nd oversize (single ring)292332
Base Gasket230552
Cylinder head shim 250230565
Piston 370/400 Std size292075
Piston 370/400 2nd oversize292076
Piston 370/400 3rd oversize292077
Cylinder Base Gasket (370/400)230720
Cylinder head shim (370/400)230730
Reeds (370/400)224160
Rod kit 125/175 (oil injection)291519
Rod kit 125 MX (non oil injection)292324
Rod kit 175 (non oil injection)292169
Rod kit 250 (oil injection)291499
Rod kit 250 (no oil injection)292024
Rod kit 370/400292294
Piston 250 Std size (2 ring)994585Piston 250 Std size (2 ring), aftermarket09-741in stock$69.95
Piston 250 1st oversize (2 ring)994586Piston 250 1st oversize (2 ring), aftermarket09-741-01in stock$69.95
Piston 250 2nd oversize (2 ring)994587Piston 250 2nd oversize (2 ring), aftermarket09-741-02in stock$69.95
Piston 500 Std size (85mm, billet)292900out of stock$410.00
Piston 500 1st oversize (85.25mm, billet)292901out of stock$410.00
Needle bearing (500cc 2 stroke)832040in stock
Piston pin 500cc 2 stroke216160in stock
Cylinder base gasket 500cc230140
Reed petal224360
Cylinder stud o-rings (4pcs)230260
Kick start lever assembly248895out of stock$150.00
Kick start knuckle248809$65.00
Kick start lever o-ring230461
Kick start circlip945845
Kick start ball spring239535
Kick start locator ball232440
Exhaust pipe MX3 250 up pipeout of stock$
Universal silencer (aluminum)100150out of stock$144.00
Adaptor for universal silencer for 1982 Qualifier 175100151
Adaptor for universal silencer for 1982 Qualifier 250100152
Adaptor for universal silencer for 1982 Qualifier 400100153
Clutch plates (Barnett) 125-350cc301-22-10001in stock$16.49
Clutch plates (Barnett) 370-400cc301-10-10002in stock$17.33


DescriptionPart #StatusPriceDescriptionPart #StatusPrice
Air box (top MX4)046003in stock$40.00Exhaust rubber mount 1983-1987
Air box (MX4)006010in stock$60.00Silencer rubber mount 1978-1982
Air box (MX2)006006in stock$60.00
Air filter 1973-1977740009001in stock$26.00
Air filter 1978-1981/1982 125/400 Qualifier740007005in stock$26.00
Air filter 1982 175/250 Qualifier740007006in stock$26.00
Air filter 1983/1984/1986/701000063out of stock$26.00
Air filter 1985out of stock$35.00
Air filter 1987 except 500out of stock$35.00
Front number plate MX1-MX4744003001out of stock$24.00
Front number plate MX5-MX6774003007out of stock$24.00
Front fender MX1/TNT/MX2744025001out of stock$54.00
Rear fender 1973100110out of stock$54.00
Rear fender MX2/TNT744017002out of stock$54.00
Splash pan MX2/TNT744046000in stock$60.00
Side panels MX2100111in stock$58.00
Seat cover MX1/MX2/TNT100112in stock$32.00
Front fender MX4-MX6744025006in stock$54.00
Rear fender MX6744017012out of stock$54.00
Seat cover MX4/MX5/1979 Qualifier744014002in stock$32.00
Side panels MX6100113out of stock$62.00
Side panel screws (6pcs)100114in stock$6.10
Side panel washers (6pcs)100115in stock$5.95
Rear fender MX5744017009out of stock$54.00
Side panels MX5744022013out of stock$62.00
Side panels MX1/TNT/1977 Qualifier744022001out of stock$54.00
Front fender 1983-1986701000052in stock$54.00
Rear fender 1983-1986701000494in stock$54.00
Front fender 1987100116in stock$54.00
Rear fender 1987100117in stock$54.00
Front number plate 1983-1986100117in stock$35.00
Side panels 1983-1984100118in stock$54.00
Gas cap 1983-1987100119in stock$20.72
Gas cap o-ring 1973-1981100120in stock$2.10
Fuel petcock 1973-1977/1982100121in stock$35.00
Fuel petcock and grommet 1978-1981100122in stock$35.00
Fuel petcock 1983-1987100123in stock$35.00
Gas cap 1982572137602in stock$14.10
Tank badges 1985-1987 (2pcs)$18.00
Rear brake pedal bushing 1980-1982746100014in stock$6.00


DescriptionPart #StatusPriceDescriptionPart #StatusPrice
Motoplat flywheel (1986/1987 200/250/350/400)292716in stock$122.00Taillight (1983-1987 ASE)000750in stock$31.92
Motoplat ignition cover212150in stock$40.00Kill Switch (all models except TNT)21-607out of stock$18.36
Plug capLZFHin stock$3.08Stator (Bosch six pole, new)264675out of stock$460.00
Voltage regulator (1986/1987200/250/350/400)01-154-02in stock$19.95Stator (Bosch six pole, used)264675out of stock$150.00
TNT ignition switch and key01-118-25$15.95Stator (Bosch 4 pole, used)291452out of stock$150.00
Plug wire (for use with bosch cdi)CR4$21.67Flywheel (six pole, used)292274out of stock$100.00
Spark plug NGK B8ESB8ES$4.52Flywheel (4 pole, used, different weights available)291405in stock$100.00
Head light bulb (1979-1982 Qualifier)01-170-01in stock$3.13Wiring harness, speedometer003000in stock$40.00
Head light lense (1979-1982 Qualifier)01-500in stock$25.97CDI (Bosch, new)264475out of stock$200.00

CDI (Bosch, used)264475out of stock$100.00Battery TNT12 N5 4Bin stock$62.00


DescriptionPart #StatusPriceDescriptionPart #StatusPrice
Handle bars (Renthal vintage bend)in stock$120.00Throttle Cable MX6 125/250/ 1982 Qualifier 175/250004011out of stock$36.00
Handle bars (Fly racing vintage bend)out of stock$29.95Throttle cable MX6 400/1982 Qualifier 400004010out of stock$36.00
Magura 314 throttlein stock$34.95Clutch cable MX6/1982 Qualifier003005out of stock$36.00
Magura clutch lever assemblyout of stock$35.00Front brake cable MX6/1982 Qualifier002012out of stock$36.00
Magura front brake lever assemblyout of stock$35.00Rear brake cable100100out of stock$36.00
Aftermarket clutch lever assemblyin stock$19.95Throttle cable 1983 MX L/C 125/Sonic 500100146out of stock$36.00
Aftermarket front brake lever assemblyin stock$19.95Throttle cable 1983 MX 250/ASE 175/250000198out of stock$36.00
Throttle cable (MX6/ Qualifier 4 125/175/250)004011$36.00Throttle cable MX/ASE 500 (1983-1986)000177out of stock$36.00
Throttle cable (MX6/ Qualifier 4 400)004010$36.00Clutch cable 1983-1987 MX/ASE 125/250/175297445out of stock$36.00
Throttle cable TNT split "Y"004000$65.00Clutch cable 1983-1985 MX/ASE 500/ 1984 MX 125297447out of stock$36.00
Throttle cable TNT split "Y" for magura straight pull throttle004001$65.00Clutch cable 1982-1983 Sonic 500000047out of stock$36.00
Speedometer cable TNT001000in stock$36.00Front brake cable 1983-1984 MX/Sonic000049out of stock$36.00
Clutch cable TNT003002$36.00Throttle cable 1984 MX 125701000224out of stock$36.00
Front brake cable TNT/MX1/MX2002002$36.00Throttle cable 1984 MX 250/ASE 175/250701000198out of stock$36.00
Rear brake cable TNT002001in stock$36.00Throttle cable 1984 Sonic 560701000225out of stock$36.00
Rear brake cable MX6/ Qualifier 4 125out of stock$36.00Throttle cable 1984 ASE 400701100048out of stock$36.00
Barrel (front brake cable)009000in stock$10.00Clutch cable 1984-1986 Sonic 560/1986 MX/ASE 500420297530out of stock$36.00
Throttle cable MX2 split "Y"004006out of stock$65.00Clutch cable 1984 ASE 175420297442out of stock$36.00
Clutch cable MX2003000out of stuck$36.00Front brake cable 1983-1984 ASE 175/250/400 70200729in stock$36.00
Rear brake cable002003in stock$36.00Throttle cable 1986 MX250/ASE 200/250/350701000598out of stock$36.00
Rear brake cable clevis cotter pin MX2108300in stockThrottle cable 1986 MX/ASE 500701000599out of stock$36.00
Throttle cable MX4 125/250/MX5 250004006out of stock$36.00Throttle cable 1986 Sonic 560701000973out of stock$36.00
Throttle cable MX4/MX5/Qualifier 370004008out of stock$36.00Clutch cable 1986 MX 250/ASE 200/250/350420297440out of stock$36.00
Clutch cable MX4/MX5003003out of stock$36.00
Front brake cable MX4/MX5002005out of stock$36.00Magura trap door Straight pull throttle100101out of stock$62.00
Rear brake rod MX4/MX5/79 Qualifier030002out of stock$42.00Grips  Motion pro 100102in stock$6.90
Throttle cable 1979 Qualifier 175/250 split "Y"004007out of stock$65.00Grips  vintage style100103in stock$5.95

Grip lock100104in stock$8.25Throttle MP Vortex100104in stock$
Odometer cable 1979/1980 Qualifier741001002in stock$36.00Throttle MP Turbo100105in stock$
Odometer cable 1982-1987741001003in stock$36.00



DescriptionPart #StatusPriceDescriptionPart #StatusPrice
Fork seals MX6/1982 Qualifier (38mm)742010010in stock$18.00Center stand 1979-1980 Qualifier100133out of stock$
Fork seals MX4/MX5 (38mm)742010006in stock$36.00Side stand TNT746021001in stock$25.00
Fork seals Betor forks (35mm)100124out of stock$36.00Side stand 1983-1987100134out of stock$25.00
Fork wipers (Betor forks) (2pcs)100125out of stock$44.00Side stand 1980 Qualifier100135out of stock$25.00
Fork wipers MX4-1982 Qualifier100126in stock$42.00Chain blocks MX5/MX6746095005in stock$52.00
Fork springs (Betor forks)742009002in stock$62.00Swingarm protector MX5/Qualifier746095006in stock$14.00
Fork caps (Betor forks)100127in stock$36.00Swingarm protector MX4746095001in stock$14.00
Forks caps 1979-1980 Qualifier 175-350742017005in stock$36.00Shocks Ohlins piggyback (rebuilt) 1982 Qualifier742007024in stock$820.00
Triple clamps (billet for betor forks)100129out of stock$426.00
Swingarm pivot100128in stock$26.00Steering bearing kit 1973-1978100160in stock$
Swingarm needle bearing kit (1973-1980 steel swingarms)100130in stock$72.00Steering bearing kit 1979-1982100161in stock
Swingarm needle bearing kit (1981-1982 aluminum swingarms)100131out of stock$92.00Steering bearing kit 1983-1987100162in stock
Swingarm bushings 1983-1987 (2pcs)701000010in stock$40.00Fork seals 1983-1985 (40mm)
Swingarm o-rings 1983-1987 (4pcs)701000009in stock$2.20Fork seals 1986-1987 (42mm)
Linkage o-ring set (12pcs) 1983-1986)701000026in stock$6.50
Linkage heim joints701000025in stock$22.00 each
Swingarm pivot washer702000043in stock$
Swingarm pivot nut702000007in stock$
Chain guide rear 1983-1987701000402in stock$35.00


Wheels and Brakes:

DescriptionPart #StatusPriceDescriptionPart #StatusPrice
Wheel bearing kit 1973-1977 front100140in stock$18.00Front brake hose 1986-1987701000782in stock$144.00
Wheel bearing kit 1973-1977 rear100141in stock$24.00Rear brake shoes 1983-1987in stock$44.00
Wheel bearing kit 1978-1982 front100142in stock$18.00Sprocket bolt tab locks 1980-1982746105001in stock$8.20
Wheel bearing kit 1978-1979 rear100143in stock$36.00Sprocket bolt tab locks 1983-1987in stock$8.20
Wheel bearing kit 1980-1982 rear100144in stock$36.00
Wheel bearing kit 1983-1987 front100145in stock$18.00
Wheel bearing kit 1983-1987 rear100146in stock$36.00
Spoke R.H. front MX2743012002in stock$1.20
Spoke L.H. front MX2743012003in stock$1.20
Spoke nipple MX2743014000in stock$1.20
Sprocket 47t 1973-1979 (aluminum)743043022in stock$62.00
Sprocket 42t 1973-1979 (aluminum)743073010in stock$62.00
Chain adjuster cam (2pcs)746017002in stock$22.00
Rear axle washer746034002in stock$
Rear axle nut746035004in stock $
Sprocket 46t 1980-1982743043028in stock$62.00
Sprocket 50t 1980-1982743043032in stock$62.00
Sprocket 46t 1983-1987 (steel)in stock$20.00
Brake pads 1986-1987100105in stock$


DescriptionPart #StatusPriceDescriptionParts #StatusPrice
Bosch flywheel puller100200in stock$50.58MP crankcase splitter08-0245out of stock$260.00
Motoplat flywheel puller100201in stock$43.07Piston pin removal tool08-0068out of stock$80.25
Clutch tool100202in stock$27.98
Crankshaft locking bolt100203in stock$4.18